About Dr. Carolyn Slupsky

About Dr. Carolyn Slupsky


Papers published in refereed journals:

1)    Spevacek AR, Benson KH, Bamforth CW, Slupsky CM (2016) “Beer metabolomics: Molecular details of the brewing process and the differential effects of late and dry hopping on yeast purine metabolism” J Inst Brew 122 (1).

2)     Spevacek AR, Smilowitz JT, Chin EL, Underwood MA, German JB, Slupsky CM (2015) “Infant Maturity at Birth Reveals Minor Differences in the Maternal Milk Metabolome in the First Month of Lactation.” J Nutr. jn210252 [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 26041675

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5)     Chen SY, Yu HT, Kao JP, Yang CC, Chiang SS, Mishchuk DO, Mau JL, Sluspky CM (2014) “An NMR metabolomic study on the effect of alendronate in ovariectomized mice.” PloS One. 9, e106559. PMID: 25184758

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7)     Warden CH, Slupsky CM, Min E, Le A, Fisler JS, Hansen S, Haj F, Stern J (2014) “Brown Norway chromosome 1 congenic reduces symptoms of renal disease including distal tubular damage in fatty Zucker rats.” PloS One. 9: e87770. PMID: 24498189

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Book chapters, and non-peer reviewed publications:

1)  Chetelat L, Chin E, Mishchuk D, and Slupsky CM. (2016) “California citrus threats.” Citrograph 7 (1) (in press).

2)  Chin E, Lobo R, da Graca J, Hilf M, McCollum G, LeVesque C, and Slupsky CM. (2015) “Early detection of Huanglongbing with metabolomics.” Citrograph 6 (2), 32-34

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Presentation (2003 – present):

2015 December, Early detection technologies (EDT) for HLB. Food Agriculture and Health Summit. Visalia, CA.

2015 October, Metabolism and the developing neonate: Shaping the mind with milk. Summit on Nutrition and the Developing mind. The MIND institute, UC Davis.

2015 September, Metabolomics-based approaches to plant diagnostics. California Asian Citrus Psyllid and HLB Research and Extension summit. UC Davis.

2015 June, Measuring the impact of diet and environment on infant metabolism and the microbiome. Teratology Society Meeting. Montreal, PQ.

2015 June, Your gut microbiome, nutrition, and disease. Public Lecture at the Lake Tahoe Center for Environmental Sciences. Incline Village, NV.

2015 May, Breast milk vs infant formula: consequences for the microbiome and metabolome. European Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition. (ESPGHAN). Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2015 March, Biomarkers of infant feeding: A metabolomics approach. IAEA meeting. Vienna, Austria.

2015 February, Metabolite HIV recency biomarker profile for incidence measurement. HIV Incidence Assay Symposium. Seattle, WA.

2014 December, The pathogenicity of C. Liberibacter asiaticus in citrus revealed through metabolomics. International Symposium for Agricultural Biotechnology (ISAB). Hanoi, Vietnam

2014 November, Shaping infant health through milk. International Conference on Analytical Science and Technology. Daejeon, Korea.

2014 October, Shaping infant health through milk. The 17th International Society for Research on Human Milk and Lactation. Kiwah Island, South Carolina.

2014 September, Getting Ahead of Cancer: Urine Tests that Provide Information on Metabolic State. Heredity Breast and Ovarian Cancer Society Conference. Edmonton, Canada.

2014 June, Effect of insects and pathogens on citrus metabolism. The Hemipteran- Plant Interactions Symposium. Riverside, CA.

2014 May, Measuring environmental influences in agriculture and health. The 7th International Food Safety Symposium: Food Safety, Sustainability, and Technology. Hong Kong, China.

2014 April, Determination of HIV recency using metabolomics. Novel Biomarkers and Future Directions for HIV Incidence Assay Development. Bethesda, Maryland.

2014 March, Assessment of host-microbial interactions to enhance our understanding of nutrition and health. Coffee Center Research Conference. UC Davis.

2014 March, March, Development of early detection tests for Candidatus Liberibacter infection of citrus. Invited presentation to Citrus Showcase. Visalia, CA.

2013 December, Determination of HIV recency using metabolomics. Incidence Assay Meeting. Pittsburgh, PA.

2013 May, Measuring changes in the gut microbiome with diet and its implications for disease. Invited presentation to Roll Global. Davis, CA.

2013 May, Determination of HIV recency using metabolomics. HIV incidence assay meeting. Seattle, WA.

2013 April. “Nutrient Composition of Food.” Roll Global, Invited Speaker. Paramount Citrus.

2013 March. “Effect of agricultural practices on nutrient composition of food.” SEED Central, Invited Speaker. UC Davis, CA.

2013 February. “Infant feeding strategy affects gut microbial composition, immunity, and metabolism.” West Coast Metabolomics Center, Invited Speaker. UC Davis, CA

2012 November. “Infant feeding strategy affects gut microbial composition, immunity, and metabolism.” American Chemical Society, Invited Speaker. Berkeley, CA

2012 June. “Phenotyping microbial metabolism using metabolomics”. Measuring the response to food: Phenotyping tools and targets conference. UC Davis, CA.

2012 June. “Effect of Agricultural Practices on Nutrient Composition of Food. Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Meeting. Las Vegas.

2012 June. Metabolomics and the Microbiome. Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Meeting. Las Vegas. 

2011 February. Metabolic Profiling of Citrus: How Orchard Conditions affect Nutrient Composition. Citrus Research Board Meeting. UC Berkeley, CA.

2011 August.  Metabolic Profiling of Citrus: Tools for Optimizing Sensory Attributes. Placer County Mandarin Orange Meeting. Auburn, CA.

2011 September. Metabolomics as a Detector of Health in Cancer Patients. UC Davis Cancer Center 17th Annual Cancer Research Symposium. UC Davis Cancer Center.

2011 October. Nutrigenomics, Metabolomics, and the Gut Microbiome. Keynote Speaker. Wageningen University Symposium. UC Davis.

2010 June. Personalizing Health through Metabolomics, Foods for Health Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2010 June. Profiling Bacterial-Host Interactions, Dairy Technology: California Leading the Way through Strong University-Industry Partnerships, UC Davis, Davis, CA.

2010 May. Applications of NMR to Metabolomics, Seminar at Jim Ames Group Meeting, UC Davis, CA.

2010 March. Applications of NMR to Metabolomics, Agilent Laboratories, Santa Clara, CA.

2010 March. Metabolic Profiling of Bacterial-Host Interactions, Kansas State University Functional Genomics Consortium, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS.

2010 January. Clinical Chemistry and Analytical Metabolomics, Seminar at WHNRC, UC Davis, CA.

2009 December. Food, Health, and Metabolomics, FST Graduate Group Seminar, UC Davis, CA.

2009 December. Bacterial-Host Interactions and Metabolomics, Seminar at Milk Group Meeting.

2009 October. Clinical Chemistry, Metabolomics, and Nutrition, Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology Seminar Series, UC Davis, CA.

2009 August. Opportunities in Food Science and Technology, Presentation to CIFAR Advisory Board.

2008 April. Development of Novel Metabolite Based Tests for Diagnosis of Pulmonary Disease, ARDS – Basic Advances in Airway Research. Banff, AB. Canada.

2008 March. New Methodologies for Rapid Diagnosis of Tuberculosis, 6th Conference on Tuberculosis –“It’s a small world”, Edmonton, AB, Canada.

2008 February. Early Cancer Detection using Metabolic Profiling, Division of Population Health and Information Invited Speakers Series. Tom Baker Cancer Centre, Calgary, AB, Canada.

2007 November. Metabolomics of Cancer, ACB Annual Research Meeting. Banff Centre, Banff, AB.

2007 August. Phenotyping Diseases Through Metabolite Profiles, Medical Grand Rounds. University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada.

2007 August. Can the Etiology of Pneumonia be Determined using Metabolomics, KBSI Metabolomics meeting. KBSI, Seoul, South Korea.

2007 June. Metabolomics as a Diagnostic Tool for Cancer, Liverpool University Institute of Cancer Studies. Liverpool, UK.

2007 June. Can the Etiology of Pneumonia be Determined using Metabolomics?, Metabolomics Society Meeting, Manchester, UK.

2006 April. Metabolite Patterns of Streptococcus pneumoniae Infections in Data Derived from 1H NMR Spectra of Urine, Varian Users’ meeting, Experimental NMR Conference, Palo Alto, CA.

2005 November. The Application of Metabolomics to Pulmonary Infections, Advances in Metabolic Profiling, London, UK.

2005 October. Analysis of Saliva using Metabolomics, Head and Neck Rounds. Cross Cancer Institute, Edmonton, AB, Canada.

2005 March. Metabolomic Analysis of Human Saliva, Grand Rounds. Cross Cancer Institute, Edmonton, AB, Canada.

2005 February. Metabolomic NMR Data Analysis in Health and Disease, Frontiers of NMR in Molecular Biology IX. Banff, AB, Canada.

2004 November. Metabolomics as a Tool in Cancer Research, Polyomx Meeting, Cross Cancer Institute, Edmonton, AB, Canada.

2004 September. Effect of Spectral Quality on Metabolomic Data Analysis, Varian Users’ meeting, SMASH conference, Breckenridge, CO.

2004 April. Metabolic Profiling by NMR: Challenges and Rewards, Varian Users’ meeting, ENC (Experimental NMR Conference). Stanford University, CA.

2003 September. Eclipse: A Semi-Automated Approach for the Assignment and Quantification of NMR Metabonomic Data, Varian Users’ meeting, SMASH conference. Verona, Italy.

Honors and Awards

2015          Chancellor’s Fellow

2015          Accelerated promotion (2-year) from Associate Professor Step IV to Professor Step II.

2014          Accelerated merit (1-year) from Associate Professor Step III to Associate Professor Step IV

2014          2013 Dean’s Team Award for Excellence in Outstanding Multidisciplinary Team Contributions in the Mission Area of Research

2012          Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Global Health Grant Award

1997          Leukemia Research Fund Post-Doctoral Fellowship

1994          Mary Louise Imrie Graduate Student Award