Slupsky lab’s major research focuses:

Food: We aim to define metabolomic profiles for various diets, food and plant tissue to understand the implication of food processing, agricultural practices, and plant health status on plant metabolism. Moreover, we believe that our work on plant pathogens will provide insights on plant health and disease progression. Continue to read more about food metabolomics.

Nutrition: We aim to understand the impact of diet on human health from the perspective of nutrition, the gut microbiome, and host-microbial co-metabolism through a multi-disciplinary research approach by integrating clinical assessment, with global gene expression profiles, as well as function and structure of microbial systems. Continue to read more about nutritional metabolomics and gut microbiome.

Personalized health: We use the systematic integration of host phenotype, metabolic profiles, microbial community analysis as well as clinical and dietary assessment to define health through individualized phenotyping. These studies will provide novel insight on health management, food development and a move toward targeted therapy and personalized nutrition. Read our review article on personalized health and personalized cancer care.